Glynn – Technician

glynnGlynn joined Holovis in 2014 looking for a new challenge, and he certainly found one.  He was quickly at work with teams on site with some of our biggest customers, putting his creativity and resourcefulness to the test.

I hadn’t realised I was in a rut until I came here, now I’m learning new skills every day, working with a great team of people.

Having worked with Audio Visual technology for a number of years, he thought he’d seen it all, but with our immersive technologies, and the innovative uses are customers have found for them, he’s delighted to be coming to work energised by what he’ll be doing.

The technology here is amazing, it’s great to be working with new and innovative products all the time, it’s really stretching me.

Glynn is working on a full range of projects, so is involved in helping engineers design better vehicles as well as making theme park rides as fun as they can be.  Not bad for a day at work.

I’m really enjoying work, it’s been a great decision to join Holovis, I’m learning all the time.