Mark – Graduate Developer

Mark - Graduate DeveloperMarkMark joined Holovis as a Software Developer in September 2012, after graduating from the University of Teeside.  He was quickly applying his skills, working on a range of projects.

I get to make something awesome every day.

Whilst the work is challenging, it has proved rewarding.  Mark has found that the more he puts in, the more he gets out.  There are exciting new challenges all the time, and solving those puzzles, which no-one else has faced before, keeps things interesting.

Where else could I design roller coasters for a living?

Mark enjoys working with a team of bright developers who work on projects together, helping each other to learn and develop their skills.

The team is getting stronger and stronger.

Mark enjoys being part of the team at Holovis, and when asked what could make the work better, it would be to have more developers on the team.  If you’d like to join him and get to work on exciting projects, apply now.