VR Sales

Primary Job Purpose:

To deliver a minimum annualised seven figure revenue stream, within 12 months of joining, focusing on Virtual Reality .

Key Responsibilities:

  1. To sell Virtual Reality solutions into the specified Holovis marketplace for the right price at the right margin
  2. To develop and  sell new Holovis VR solutions that take the immersive, collaborative, data rich experiences to new levels of innovation and excitement
  3. To develop  strategic relationships with key decision makers/end user customers that result is significant business  for Holovis
  4. To help develop new innovative VR and visualisation solutions the can be successfully marketed
  5. To help create new and innovative VR solutions, that can be legally protected and branded Holovis
  6. To be a role model and company Ambassador
  7. To make a significant broader contribution to the company’s strategic development

You will:

  • have the right to work in the UK, the ability to travel internationally without restriction and an EU driving licence.
  • have experience of selling VR or visualisation
  • be able to network and relationship build inside Holovis key accounts.
  • have the VR knowledge to be a credible lead in the relevant Holovis business sectors.
  • be able to write effective and professional costed VR sales proposals.
  • bring innovative problem-solving, idea-generation and creative techniques to value engineer the products and services
  • likely have a degree in an engineering discipline
  • have commercial appreciation to effectively manage pricing/margins/credit terms and complex negotiations
  • be happy to be away from home on a regular basis including overseas travel.

Send your CV to claudine.mcclean@holovis.com