Senior Project Manager: Themed Entertainment

Managing the introduction of new technologies for the attraction industry and will work closely with our Engineering and Software teams. Projects will be in the theme park industry, to confirm the operability of the technologies and the quality of the guest experience.

To manage and deliver theme park attraction technology, focused on systems integration technologies for AV, VR, AR, software development and media scopes of work, including pre-show, set, ride, audio visual, lighting and control systems. To maintain the schedule and budget.

To maintain consistent communication with the different multi-national teams and clients involved in a project, working with them to design and execute the mock ups required for their  projects.

To understand the goals each team has with deploying their  technology and software packages in projects, building and managing specific mock ups to meet these test goals and an accelerated schedule.

To manage projects and programmes of work in the US and globally and delivering mock ups of bespoke engineered equipment for theme park attractions, including hardware and the associated software programming and media.


Project Management:

1.     Delivery of technology for major attractions industry projects

2.     Reporting on the progress of projects using MS Project, MS Excel, Confluence and Jira

3.     Understanding and ensuring that the goals of the projects are met

4.     Establishing and agreeing baseline project scope, budget and timescales

5.     Identifying and managing dependencies which may affect the success of the project, including 3rd party activities

6.     Establishing and agreeing work packages

7.     Managing resources, equipment, and the procurement of items for projects

8.     Maintaining an effective project audit trail

9.     Maintaining the highest standards of health and safety at all times

People Management:

1.     Reporting to the Project Director, planning and managing the deployment of resources to meet project milestones

2.     Setting achievable objectives and taking responsibility for making decisions and for providing constructive feedback

3.     Managing sponsor and other stakeholder expectations through regular reporting and communication

4.     Communicating difficult or sensitive information tactfully

Financial Management:

1.     Managing projects to budget and producing budget reports for work done and forecasts for future costs

2.     Reviewing project profitability and margin performance

3.     Assuring project legal documents are completed and signed

  • A degree in a software or engineering discipline
  • Experience of having managed attractions industry projects end to end, with full budget responsibility over $1m or more in spend per project
  • Experience with Microsoft Project
  • Happy to travel, you’ll need to spend nights away, in the US, and on long haul trips internationally, you may need to work nights and weekends to ensure that testing is completed at the optimum times
  • This role will have significant periods of relocation Relocation to Japan and Los Angeles
  • Experience of working with international teams of engineers and creatives across borders would be great

Send your resume to claudine.mcclean@holovis.com

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Position: Senior Project Manager: Themed Entertainment

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January 19, 2018
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