Software Engineer

Primary Job Purpose:

To successfully develop new, innovative software applications, and to support and enhance existing software applications in immersive and interactive technologies, both for enterprise and entertainment sectors.

We are looking for candidates from a wide range of experience levels and from all aspects of the software development process – specification, architecture design, user interface design, real time 3D rendering, back end application development and testing. Experience with the Unity 3D game engine highly desirable.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create custom visualisation, VR or AR applications in both industry and entertainment sectors. This could involve creating applications for mobile devices right through to high end visualisation systems such as CAVEs or interactive theme park rides.
  • Develop and maintain our software framework, a C# based suite of tools and 3D rendering engine for all Virtual Reality, Scientific Visualisation, and Interactive Gaming content
  • R&D for web and mobile application development that is able to link into our existing framework
  • Integration of new hardware technologies into our current framework such as LEAP, Myo, Kinect and other wearable technologies
  • To develop middleware and actual content based on Unity Game Engine to function in multi channel, immersive and 3D displays, for example Domes, CAVEs and Powerwalls and immersive tunnels in theme parks
  • To document all code to the required standards as part of the development process including version control
  • Test software before handing to support (for final testing before release).
  • Test new application features work as required.
  • Test that new features can be added to existing system (when possible).

Essential Skills and Experience

  • An EU Driving licence
  • The right to live and work in the UK

It would be great if you had some of these

  • Working knowledge of C / C++
  • Knowledge of 3D graphics rendering
  • Experience with the Unity or Unreal game engines
  • SQL (Primarily MySQL, but we have also used MS SQL Server)
  • Knowledge of clustering, and multiple display solutions
  • OpenGL and/or DirectX
  • Game Engine Developer – Unity preferred, but we will consider others
  • Developer of game scenarios using latest game engines



Please email your CV  to Show us something fun and unique which really demonstrates your skillset.

We review every application which is sent to us and due to the amount we receive this can often cause a delay in our feedback response.