5 reasons to visit the XR Technology Zone at ISE

The new XR Technology Zone at ISE is located in the Park Foyer at the rear of Hall 8. Here are five reasons to visit:

Experience an array of emerging technology solutions…

and find out how they can work for you.

We’ll be showing solutions using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality combined with real-time media and intuitive interactivity. The aim is to dispel the myth that these are just for gaming and demonstrate how they can solve your business challenges.

Take a look at some of these in action here


Get immersed in big data…

and see how visualising this in the virtual space is achieved.

From architectural data; seeing a skyscraper come to life around you and controlling the build timeline to virtual manufacturing, lining up robot’s side by side to compare real-time workings.

Discover the future of collaboration…

by working with your colleagues in Virtual Reality.

Multiple people in different geographical locations can all meet in the same virtual space to review data, interact with it and make instant changes or updates. Come and give it a go.

To brave the next Near Miss Simulator…

which is waking drivers up to the danger of falling asleep at the wheel.

You guessed it, this time it’s in the form of a van that simulates fatigue while driving before bringing you back to the real world with a bang. Whilst it might provide colleagues with a hilarious video for social media, this is delivering much more serious message about how multisensory solutions are valuable tools for training.

Get a sneak preview here:


See how AR is about more than just catching them all…

and has real business use cases.

From bringing to life car user manuals to aligning CAD data with real world applications for accuracy and helping products in retail environments jump off the shelf.

For free entry into the show use our exclusive code 394545 when registering