Brass Ring Award winners!

We were over the moon to be presented with the prestigious Brass Ring Award for Best Technology Applied to Amusements for the Battle For Cedar Point at IAAPA 2016. This is the first time that an AR experience has tied together an entire theme park into a cohesive multiplayer day-long game.

This free custom augmented reality app gamifies and transforms traditionally passive experiences found in queue lines and other non-attraction spaces into game areas, immersing people into the previously undiscovered and interactive story of the rollercoasters of Cedar Point. The app scans and recognises pre-existing attraction structures and then triggers the magical AR layer in a mobile game that pits the fans of different Cedar Point coasters against each other.

We have evolved the concept of in-park apps by using AR to integrate virtual story-telling content into a real world setting, ensuring the experience remains group orientated.

Find out more about this award-winning application here: