Bringing multisensory engagement to retail

We will be redefining reality at the Digital Signage Summit (DSS) Europe when Dave Elliott, our Enterprise Business Development Manager, takes to the stage to share how brands can now make their worlds a virtual reality. This will go beyond traditional visual and audio to encompass immersive techniques which allow companies to get ever closer to their customers in the retail environment.

Entitled ‘Immerse Yourself into the Future of Digital Signage’, Dave will provide examples of multisensory engagement techniques that we are creating for the retail sector. He will also show how our solutions created for the construction and entertainment industries are influencing developments.

The presentation will also explore how Virtual and Augmented Reality is being used to gamify and extend the experience well beyond the initial interaction, helping brands get closer to their customers than ever before.

Dave’s presentation will take place on 5th July, the first day of the Summit in Munich.

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