Bringing a new reality to Seatrade Cruise Show

We are bringing a Virtual Reality set up to Booth 3630 which will allow visitors to experience how emerging technologies can be used for both architectural design of spaces and for entertainment on board.

During the trade show, which is taking place from 6th – 8th March in Fort Lauderdale, visitors will be able to explore a ship in 1:1 scale and in real-time, showing how Virtual Reality can be used to bring design plans of internal layouts to life and make instant alterations.

This can also be presented in a CAVE, a room where four or five walls feature 3D volumetric projection and come to life wearing headtracked 3D glasses, so the world moves to a user’s true perspective. This method of visualisation maintains the group experience allowing multidiscipline teams to all work together to evaluate designs and review different layers. This lifelike evaluation speeds up the approval process and ultimately saves time and cost when on site.

For attractions, Holovis will be demonstrating how multisensory, media and motion based experiences can bring personalised entertainment and multivariant ride stories to guests. This is achieved by rendering the content as real-time media through a game engine, rather than as a film, so people will have different experiences based on the decisions they make, delivering the ultimate ride repeatability.

The entertainment can also be taken ship wide using app technology on people’s own smart phones. This allows them to build their own adventures as they embark on scavenger hunts around the ship using Augmented Reality, live actors, real objects and physical puzzles to solve clues and reveal the story.

Through our technology we focus on putting people at the heart of the experience. Whether that’s putting architects, designers and engineers inside their plans or putting guests at the heart of the action through theme park style attractions that keep evolving as they discover more of the story. We’re looking forward to immersing the cruise ship market in this emerging reality.

Visit Holovis on Booth 3630