Design just got real in RideView™

Design just got real in RideView™

We’ve stepped behind the scenes to introduce a new concept that facilitates the design of rides, whole theme park master plans and site layouts; introducing RideView™.

RideView™ is used to create a fully immersive, virtual reality environment that allows the user to engage with the ride experience or explore a theme park layout through a 1:1 scale model / dataset. This means that people can explore designs as if real; walking round a theme park, riding a rollercoaster or engaging with an Interactive Dark Ride as if they were a paying guest.

This takes place in our virtual reality CAVE environment; a structure with four or five rear-projected sides that show 3D volumetric, real-time data. This fully immerses users into their virtual world and lets them interact naturally with true perspective. Designers and engineers can experience rides in real time and from any seat position, with different perspectives calibrated for varying heights. Factors such as sight lines, eye points, ingress and egress around the ride envelope and load/unload issues can all be assessed and monitored easily and with increased accuracy.

Alternatively, we’ve also made this experience possible through an HMD review unit which clients can access when reviewing remotely.

Creating complete operational virtual prototypes in this way reduces the cost and time spent on actual physical models, creating a faster and more efficient route to market. Being able to accurately design, simulate and test future ride and attraction designs also improves stakeholder buy-in and is an effective solution for focus-group assessment and essential feedback of new attractions.