Discover our real-time, virtual reality, robotic arm experience at Asian Attractions Expo

We are pioneering a new concept for next generation media and motion based immersive experiences combining Virtual Reality with real-time media, gesture tracked interactivity and robotic motion technology. This is a world first combination devised to enhance attraction personalisation and present an experience that is different every time.

This will be unveiled at Asian Attractions Expo on 14th – 16th June in Singapore on Booth 2038.

Real-time rendering, real-time motion control and content personalisation will allow guests for the first time to be completely in control of their incredibly immersive journey in a thrilling, engaging and dynamic way never before experienced.

Each guest will wear a VR headset and the visuals experienced will be perfectly synched with the dynamic motion of the Kuka Robot. The game-play content, created by our media team, will be rendered in real-time so each guest can experience something different depending on the decisions made or achievements met during game play.

Interactivity is embedded into the overall design using the Holovis Interact™ technology and allows each guests’ hands to be tracked within the virtual world so they see them within the headset and can interact naturally with the game content. The all-essential group-experience is also maintained as guests are head tracked, allowing them to be represented in-character in-location to each guest.

External SFX including wind, scent and heat can also be added to enhance the experience, perfectly timed with the motion and media and personalised to the game play for each individual.

We have worked alongside Kuka Robotics and BEC Engineering to transform Kuka’s existing two-person KukaCoaster system into a four-person capacity mechatronic immersive and interactive solution ready for launch later in 2017. With a specific aim to leverage the dynamic ride capabilities of the Kuka robot to create a higher capacity and attraction throughput, we have developed a scalable range of solutions for multiple installations with robot-to-robot interaction and unique multi-player experiences for FECs through to flagship parks.

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