Harbin Lesong Plaza to open Immersive Theatre with Holovis Attractions

Harbin Lesong Plaza to open Immersive Theatre with Holovis Attractions

Harbin Lesong Plaza co ltd, the largest shopping and leisure complex in the Heilongjiang province of China, is creating a dedicated family attractions zone on the third floor of the building which will include a flagship 12 seat interactive Immersive Theatre experience, opening in May.

Since opening in 2004, Harbin Lesong Plaza has been renowned for championing the trend of integrated shopping and leisure facilities in the region. This new attraction zone will significantly add to this proposition.

Holovis Attractions is providing the complete Immersive Theatre solution, designed and built to Harbin Lesong Plaza’s unique specification. This includes the storyboard and creation of game content by the Holovis CGI team and the 180° screen that wraps the audience in the media, surrounding their peripheral vision to immerse them in the game.

The interactivity will run on InterAct™, a proprietary technology platform from Holovis that enables a highly accurate, easy to use interactive experience for seamless player integration. Players will sit on Holovis motion seats that have a three DOF platform capability.

In a first for Immersive Theatres, the players will be able to select the game that they participate in with a live vote using the interactive devices at the beginning. The two game options, taken from the Holovis DomeRider™ Series are Jungle Crisis and The Lost Cove, both of which have been previously showcased at IAAPA Expo.

Stuart Hetherington, CEO, Holovis Attractions explains:

“Due to our in-house capacities, experience and expert industry knowledge, we are able to deliver this whole ride solution from under one roof, cutting out any third party suppliers. This makes the project easy to manage for Harbin Lesong Plaza, with one project manager who knows the complete status of all operations, ideal for the short time frame of the installation.

This project further extends our work and reputation in the Asia Pacific region and demonstrates how our scalable, turn-key capabilities can be applied to the FEC market.”