Holovis and S&S-Sansei Technologies Unveil Patented Immersive Elevator MediaCoaster

Holovis and S&S-Sansei Technologies have partnered to advance traditional coasters with a design and patent for the world’s first Immersive Elevator MediaCoaster. This revolutionary technology and scalable range of solutions will extend coaster experiences from short dynamic thrill attractions to include all-immersive storytelling in a unique way, with the creative media driving more memorable experiences.

The attraction begins with the creative narrative flowing through a themed media and interactive preshow before guests board what is seemingly a traditional dark ride. The story continues with the ride vehicle entering a 360° dome and media completely surrounding the guests, negating the need for cumbersome VR headsets or 3D glasses by creating the same level of intense immersion but allowing for a more physically thrilling group experience.

The world leading expertise in coaster and elevator systems from S&S-Sansei Technologies, combined with the unique turn-key systems and creative skills of the Holovis Attractions and Holovis Media teams, ensures the whole experience follows the traditional seven-point story structure for an emotionally and physically connected experience like no other.

Stuart Hetherington, CEO of Holovis explains:

“Together with S&S-Sansei Technologies, we have paralleled the key structure of narrative based entertainment and applied it to the physical coaster experience, something that has never been done before in this way. Coasters have long been the traditional form of physical and thrilling entertainment but typically the patterns of excitement peak at the highest point, which is usually towards the beginning, then drop as there is no connected narrative to continue the thrill. By adding creative-led emotive story and journey into the attraction design and ensuring a shared immersive experience, we are creating a new genre in coaster solutions that ensures as physical boundaries are reached, coaster technology can evolve into completely new attractions.”

“Wrapping of coaster sections with physical screens and lighting effects has been done effectively for a long time, but the patented, storytelling capability now offered by S&S-Sansei Technologies and Holovis allows the immersive experience to physically move with a moving vehicle, creating a more dynamic, immersive experience for guests. We’re combining the thrill of death-defying drop tower and extreme coaster technology with truly immersive media for a unique next-generation experience. This scalable design extends the overall ride time and allows for complete customization of the guest experience in the elevator section before the guests realize they are about to drop back into the real world, thus heightening the thrill levels even more.”

Tim Timco, CEO and President of S&S-Sansei Technologies added:

“S&S is very pleased that our partnership with Holovis will now allow us to bring the immersive Elevator MediaCoasters to the amusement industry. We believe the dynamic, immersive experience of this new attraction will have a tremendous impact on the industry by providing a uniquely thrilling, memorable experience that will draw people looking for the ultimate combination of intense immersion and physical thrill.”