Holovis brings CAVE VR review suite to US

Holovis has brought its CAVE visualisation technology to a demo centre in Orlando allowing fully immersive design, reviews and simulations to take place through its proprietary software suite RideView™.

The four-sided CAVE immerses people in 1:1 scale volumetric 3D real-time datasets for multi-person collaborative reviews to be completed for whole site master plans through to individual attractions or experiences.

Once immersed, multi-disciplined project teams can interact and explore designs together using head tracked 3D glasses to ensure the virtual world moves to their true perspective. For the attractions themselves, these can be experienced from any seat location for any audience demographic, with the actual media or gaming running in real-time on the virtual screens ensuring optimum sight lines and the best experience for everyone is verified in the final design.

The new facility includes test cells for Holovis’s proprietary interactive technologies for dark rides, domes and FEC gaming and also includes an Extended Experience AR test-cell for further development of the highly successful AR and application solutions produced by Holovis for whole park gamification and real-time personalisation of attractions.

The space will be run by Amy Steele, VP of Development for Holovis and a team of software engineers and game developers.

The CAVE and test cells were unveiled alongside IAAPA 2016 with a permanent base in the new Holovis Orlando Innovation Centre to be unveiled in January 2017.