Holovis launches HoloTrac at IAAPA 2019

Holovis launched HoloTrac at IAAPA 2019, its proprietary software platform designed to transform themed entertainment destinations into intelligent, connected spaces. HoloTrac has two primary functions; to extend and enhance guest experiences and to transform operations, security and safety, all from one platform.

HoloTrac comprises of a suite of modules powered by advanced computer vision and tracking technologies. Guests are identified through a powerful attribute recognition engine and their personalised adventures are driven through modules including gesture and object recognition, that allow them to interact with the space and enjoy nonlinear narratives and experiences.

Built on the existing Holovis Machine Learning platform, as used by the company’s enterprise and simulation clients, HoloTrac is used to detect guests’ actions and behaviours and the objects that they are holding and interacting with. This reduces the dependency, and associated costs and challenges, on wearables and devices in objects, allowing natural human-interaction and ordinary items to become part of the story. This approach removes the barriers to entry and makes experiences truly frictionless, through invisible technologies and appear as real magic!

Beyond delivering enhanced guest experiences and unique attractions, the HoloTrac technology can also deliver in-tandem significant benefits and insight into critical park operations and security. Behind the scenes, HoloTrac produces powerful data analytic visualisations and insights into park dynamics and operations via its real-time intelligent tracking of people and behaviours and combines this with simulation data to deliver extensive insights into operations and security.

This capability provides an accurate real-time overview of the park and gives operators the ability, for example, to act on the data to improve the flow of guests, alleviate queues and congestion proactively or react to events with greater efficiently and affect.

When combined with the Machine Learning analysis and simulations in the way guests typically move around a space and behave under certain scenarios, the system can help identify how crowds would move and react in the event of a major incident and how emergency response teams should be deployed to assist.

Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis explains:

“We have taken the development work from by our data scientists and software teams as applied to our enterprise and simulation divisions, and used this to create a next-generation themed entertainment platform that is now pushing the boundaries in this sector.

“HoloTrac presents a ground-breaking re-think on how guests interact with physical spaces and the benefits that can be unlocked by deepening that instinctual connection. Theme parks, museums and FECs can move away from being a collection of isolated experiences and become a frictionless, non-stop adventure giving guests a unique way of engaging prior, during visitation and beyond.

“Vastly improving the guest experience and engagement through HoloTrac enhanced experiences and attractions leads to repeat visitation and ultimately increased revenue.

“Also connecting our core HoloTrac capabilities to site-wide security and operations is truly revolutionary, enabling operators to see real-time insights into how their venue is performing and instantly respond to any challenges that occur.”

HoloTrac does not store any personal information, imagery or data that can be tracked back to an individual and only works in closed-eco systems where the guests buy into the use of the technology due to the enhanced experiences they receive. The user and their data are completely anonymised, and nothing can be reverse engineered that could compromise personal information.