Holovis launches next generation Dark Ride Technology at EAS 2014

Holovis will be launching the next generation of interactive dark ride technology at EAS 2014 incorporating fully immersive content with real-time media and gaming integration, all perfectly synchronised with an array of motion and interactivity options.

The Lost Cove, the latest interactive game title in the DomeRider™ series from Holovis, is a 3D immersive themed experience for multiple players. At EAS, Holovis will be exhibiting a technology showcase of its latest turn-key solutions to demonstrate how next-generation attractions can be created using ‘building blocks IP’ technology to create unique and completely scalable experiences.

The Lost Cove transports the players in a virtual ride experience using the latest motion technology, where they commence battle with the tides and currents to make their journey down a very unpredictable river. The riders can decide to either work as a team or competitively to collect treasure along the way, revealing the rivers secrets amongst the turbulent rapids!

The riders are completely surrounded in 3D real-time interactive content through 180° wrap around display, engaging all their peripheral vision, using Holovis InterAct™ for individual gameplay. These proprietary handheld devices deliver a highly accurate, easy to use interactive experience allowing seamless player interaction in 2D and 3D synthetic worlds in any of the immersive systems, from flat screens to curved or the MotionDome™ 360° dome.

The combination of organic motion, stereoscopic immersive visuals, surround sound, special effects and the accuracy of the interactive gaming system puts people at the centre of the attraction, bringing the story and content to life in a way never before experienced.

Stuart Hetherington, CEO, Holovis explained:

“Our revolutionary approach to experiential design of attractions creates a platform where each user can have a unique experience, depending on the ride path they choose to take. This stimulates ride repeatability, increased visitor engagement and high footfall levels.

“This technology showcase demonstrates how our turn-key dark rides and immersive attractions deliver a next-generation of experience through a truly integrated process from design to delivery. We ensure that the creative vision drives the entire process, with the complete solution delivered from ‘under one roof’. This results in a de-risked approach when creating these complex attractions, eliminating disjointed multiple 3rd party suppliers.”

All Holovis dark ride and interactive theatre solutions utilise curved or domed projection screens up to full 360° dome structures so completely immersing audiences in the story and interactive world of the ride. The scalable ride technology allows realistic, subtle motion to be seamlessly synchronized within the media or game with the interactive devices giving full directional control or an intense shooting experience.