Holovis scoops two ISE Best Of Show Awards

For the second consecutive year we were presented with two Best Of Show Awards by Newbay Media for our new product launches at ISE. These were for LearnView; a VR based simulation, training and design review tool and the Fatigue Simulator; the latest in our Near Miss Simulation range.

For the 2018 show, which took place from 6th – 9th February in Amsterdam, we showcased an array of emerging technology solutions and demonstrated how they can be implemented to solve different sectorial business challenges in the XR Technologies Zone.


LearnView is a software suite that has been created to simulate training scenarios and bring complex data sets to life in 1:1 scale and in real-time for the user. Visitors to ISE 2018 experienced this through a free roaming VR set up with high levels of immersion that went beyond just the vision to also include audio and interactivity, where they could move and change things in the virtual world.

The result is a training tool that make scenarios more memorable and compelling. It also allows people to train at any time without needing access to highly sought-after equipment. Lessons can be learnt before they need to be recreated in pressured working conditions. Giving people a hands on interactive approach in an environment that dramatically improves knowledge retention, therefore reducing the training timing programme.

Fatigue Simulator

The Fatigue Simulator wakes drivers up to the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel and delivers the most effective health and safety training yet.

The multisensory simulator is made from real vehicle components, with a driver seat and steering wheel, so it’s just like sitting in and driving the real thing. Users wear a virtual reality headset with surround audio, special effects and hand tracked interactivity.

At crucial times of the experience, the simulator moves in synch with highly realistic visuals that are accurate 1:1 scale and rendered using real-time media, so they behave exactly as they would in the real world.

The scenario that unfolds is driving down a dark road at night and experiencing hazards and distractions, from the ability to change the radio station to a phone on the passenger seat ringing, other vehicles and even wildlife running into the road. As the experience continues the user’s vision clouds and their hearing starts to distort as the effects or microsleeps are simulated before the moment of truth…

If you missed these experiences in the XR Technology Zone contact business development manager Dave Elliott and arrange a visit to the Holovis Demonstration Campus near Rugby.