Crowd Solo Webinar

Holovis hosted a live Webinar to showcase in more detail the features of Crowd Solo, how it works and the benefits for operators and guests.

Hosted by Creative Director Peter Cliff and Development Director Jos van der Steen, over 300 themed entertainment operators attended the virtual session to ask questions and take the next steps in registering their interest.

Watch the webinar in full here:

Peter Cliff, Creative Director at Holovis explains:

“We have had an unprecedented response to this from such a wide demographic within the industry, including theme parks of varying sizes, indoor and outdoor family entertainment destinations, heritage sites, museums, agritainment venues, zoos and aquariums. This has been really great to see as it shows that we are on the right track with this idea and together with the industry we can shape it to be a transformative solution when it comes to getting guests back through the doors.

“We believe that Crowd Solo has the functionality to provide a solution for all types of themed entertainment destinations so are still urging people to get in touch to tell us about their use cases so we can begin our collaboration and development.”

About Crowd Solo

Crowd Solo is being developed by Holovis to help single ticket admission destinations re-open safely in the wake of Covid-19. The app is being made free to all operators and features an attraction reservation and queue-management system with real-time proximity alerts, providing an instant insight into guest movements to avoid crowd hotspots.

Powered by the Holovis DeepSmarts data analytics engine, Crowd Solo visualises the movements of guests so operators can continually monitor how effectively their facility is operating, especially around attraction loading hot spots. Heatmap data is viewed in real-time to help expand capacity, support staffing plans and manage attractions safely.

Guests will download the mobile app on their phones and use it as the only way to book attractions for themselves and their family throughout their visit. By connecting every guest, the data presents an exact ‘state of the park’, position.

No new physical hardware or changes to site infrastructure are required to enable the Crowd Solo system, as it leverages a combination of advanced positional tracking techniques already inherent in BYOD devices connected to standard park operating systems.

Advanced features such as complete parkwide gamification, thermal imaging reports, ride popularity statistics, custom insight reports and integration with existing cashless payment methods are also part of the product road map as add-on features, making the app a potential portal for supporting the complete guest experience.

For more information about Crowd Solo, visit our dedicated website