Holovis wins double at Brass Ring Awards 2019

Holovis picked up not one, but TWO awards at the IAAPA 2019 Brass Ring Awards.

These were both in the product concept category, one for Li-Fly, the company’s patented Flying Theatre concept and the other for HoloTrac, praising not only its guest experience capability but also its abilities behind the scenes for safety, operational planning and security.


Li-Fly is an original and patented solution from Holovis that is ‘revolving’ the flying theatre experience. For the first time, guests are tilted into the prone position to give them that true sensation of flying as they soar over the immersive media environment. This adds to the thrill of the experience by making it more dynamic with 3 Degrees of Freedom including a massive 1.5 metres of heave, Serge and full 360 degree seat rotation.

The multisensory immersion is created in a full dome media environment with ultra-high-resolution visuals, an on-board audio solution comprising of a 7:2 surround system to deliver an uncompressed spatial experience with crossfades between multiple asynchronous audio tracks to give smooth transitions between scenes and triggers and fully synchronised special effects including include heat, water sprays, air blasts and scent. All these combine to deliver the single most compelling and completely unique flying experience ever created.


HoloTrac is the company’s proprietary software platform designed to transform themed entertainment destinations into intelligent, connected spaces. HoloTrac has two primary functions; to extend and enhance guest experiences and to transform operations, security and safety, all from one platform.

Beyond delivering enhanced guest experiences and unique attractions, the HoloTrac technology can also deliver in-tandem significant benefits and insight into critical park operations and security. Behind the scenes, HoloTrac produces powerful data analytic visualisations and insights into park dynamics and operations via its real-time intelligent tracking of people and behaviours and combines this with simulation data to deliver extensive insights into operations and security.

This capability provides an accurate real-time overview of the park and gives operators the ability, for example, to act on the data to improve the flow of guests, alleviate queues and congestion proactively or react to events with greater efficiently and affect.