Join us at the Museum & Heritage Show

We’re going to be bringing our Extended Experiences to the Museum & Heritage Show in Olympia, London on 17th and 18th May. The Holovis Extended Experience is an app based form of engagement that transforms the traditional guest visit by making a wealth of extra entertainment and information available at their fingertips.

This allows the hidden narratives at a destination to be explored with techniques including Augmented Reality, interactive mini games, trivia quizzes and personalisation through the creation of avatars bringing the bigger picture to life.

Peter Cliff, Creative Director at Holovis explains:

“The Extended Experience gets guests connecting with the destination much earlier than in the traditional cycle, with the interaction beginning from the moment they book the visit as the game play begins. This continues during with the main focus of entertainment and extends to afterwards, making people want to return to discover more.

“The gamification element encourages people to get more involved by giving them points for finding the hidden Augmented Reality treasure or completing certain tasks. They can then be rewarded by levelling up or unlocking new sections of the app, or even through real life exclusive merchandise that you have to work to achieve.”

The solution also supports the wider eco system as the journey can flow past food and beverage areas, be integrated with merchandise and people are encouraged to share the videos and images they are capturing on social media, extending the reach.

Visit us on Stand E9 or get in touch to book a meeting