Join us in the XR Technology Zone at ISE 2018

For the second consecutive year we are working with ISE to curate the Immersive Technology Zone for the 2018 exhibition under the new name of the XR Technology Zone.

The Zone has expanded since the inaugural 2017 showcase into a 500sqm area and will be located in the Park Foyer, at the rear of Hall 8 in the RAI Amsterdam.

We will be creating the centrepiece experience to include a fully tracked rig and a range of applications for both Entertainment and Enterprise and developments of emerging platforms including VR, AR and MxR (Mixed Reality).

Demonstrations for the Enterprise sector will include strives that we are making towards Industry 4.0 from virtual training to real-time object tracking and simulation, Augmented Reality CAD overlays and development of the Digital Twin.

For Entertainment, we will be showcasing free roaming Virtual Reality experiences, where people can walk around and explore the environment without any cable restraints and interact with real-time avatars of local and remote colleagues.

This will all be powered by InMo, a Holovis proprietary software suite that enables collaborative virtual environments from multiple real locations and devices.

An XR Hub will also be placed at the rear of the Park Foyer and will host a range of XR workshops and presentations throughout the show.

More news will follow about specific demonstrations as we get closer to the show.