Partners of Black Books Motor Sport Forum

We have partnered with Black Books Motor Sport Forum to support its annual conference and networking event at Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London on 22nd August.

This is the fourth annual event that brings together 200 attendees and 25 speakers ranging from teams, promoters, manufacturers, sponsors and stakeholders invested within global motorsports. They will gather to focus on key topics facing the industry through a blend of panels and interviews, in-depth seminars and case studies on the latest trends changing the sport today.

We will be advancing these discussions by showcasing our Augmented Reality technology and how it can be used to enhance the automotive design and review process, as well as virtually bringing to life complex datasets.

This will include demonstrations of a physical 3D engine that when tracked brings up augmented explanations of what the different parts are and real-time interactive content of how they need to be maintained or replaced. Also shown will be our AR technology as used in the latest all-new Land Rover Discovery. This comes to life with our iGuide Augmented Reality app that is being rolled out to all the new Jaguar and Land Rover models and highlights and augments all the need-to-know features and controls of a vehicle in real-time, doubling as an intelligent mobile owner’s manual and ensuring the driver has instant answers to any questions regarding their vehicle.

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