Anglian Water

For industries where safety is a premium concern, the accurate visualisation of systems is invaluable in ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes not only to design, but also operation.
We worked with Anglian Water’s @one Alliance to deliver research and planning data, that would normally have been shown in CAD, in 3D through visualisation in a CAVE.

This four sided VR suite brought the plans to life in 1:1 scale presented in real time. Before the work began, the designs were reviewed by all stakeholders in the project who came to our Demonstration Suite and used the CAVE set up for two days of analysis. This proved invaluable especially for the engineers who made some very significant changes to the plans based on being able to see it in 1:1 scale and walk around it as if real.

This technology presented a higher level analysis tool with which to innovate and create assets in different arrangements, or a different footprint, resulting in greater confidence in ‘getting it right first time’ for the Raithby Water Treatment Scheme planning team.

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