BAE Systems

Virtual reality plays a key part in the BAE Systems new Aerospace Academy to provide training for apprentices and graduates, as well as further education and development for long term employees.

We made this possible to bring training in this extraordinary field to life in such a compelling and visual way through a CAVE designed, built and installed to a turnkey specification, featuring our proprietary LearnView software suite.

The BAE CAVE is a four sided structure where all walls feature volumetric projection and the user wears a head-tracked device to immerse them into the world with it moving to their true perspective. This allows groups to all share the same virtual space and examine specific details, without the constrictions of a headset or the ambiguity of what detail is being discussed.

LearnView uses the Holovis InMo™ framework to translate training material into something that can be visualised and interacted with in the virtual space. This allows training to take place in the CAVE presented as a range of scenarios, from wiring an aircraft to the design of major infrastructure. Users feel like they are truly in the simulated space and interact with the parts and machinery in a real time, 1:1 scale world.

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