The Battle For Cedar Point

The virtual realm of augmented reality collides with the tangible, traditional guest visit to Cedar Point with the debut of “The Battle for Cedar Point,” an interactive, competitive gaming experience inside the new Cedar Point mobile app.

We have evolved the concept of in-park apps by using AR to integrate virtual story-telling content into a real world setting, ensuring the experience remains group orientated.

First guests each join a clan then they ‘battle’ against other guests inside the park that day as they earn points by scanning select ride signs, t-shirts and game symbols located throughout the park. Characters, animated signs and achievement symbols appear co-existing with the real world. These interactive experiences can then be shared on social media, encouraging others to join the clan.


Every aspect of the visit is gamified from queue lines to park maps or even the attraction structures themselves to immerse people into the previously undiscovered story of the rollercoasters of Cedar Point. The free game allows guests to compete against each other in a fun new way as they walk through the park, wait for their favourite ride or sit down to enjoy a meal.

This has a wider benefit on the park ecosystems globally by increasing dwell time in areas such as restaurants and merchandising stores, therefore increasing spend. It also generates significant traction on social media platforms, in this case using the #BattleforCP hashtag, and combats negativity around wait times by providing themed content that can only be experienced in the queue.

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