We provided a next generation immersive attraction with a revolutionary new motion simulation experience to Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, the world’s first theme park dedicated to the Indian film industry.

This differs from existing immersive simulators by taking it from a single flat or curved 3D screen to an immersive 4D simulated environment. This is designed around two specialist 30-seat motion systems where the initial physical themed world is merged seamlessly into the virtual world, creating a true form of immersive storytelling. Specialist 3D media is then delivered on enormous concave screens completely enveloping the ride vehicles through the use of a highly complex and unique projection design. This complex design seamlessly merged with the latest in graphics, ensures that every guest gets the perfect experience with optimum sightlines, regardless of seat position or height.


The experience is further enhanced with Holovis HiFiniti spatial audio, multiple SFX systems and motion control technology that perfectly synchronises with the media ensuring the guests believe they are at the centre of this fantastic journey.

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