British Museum

We worked with the British Museum to create a touring 3D theatre experience that immerses the audience in the ‘virtual unwrapping’ of a 3,000-year old mummy and brings to life the story of this ancient Egyptian priest.

The 3D film experience is focused on the priest Nesperennub – whose original cartonnage coffin has never been opened – to unveil the story of his life and death, complete with a digital reconstruction of his facial appearance.

At each location, a theatre of up to 200 seats was constructed and became the entrance point into the overall exhibition for visitors.

The 3D theatre was an essential part of the overall experience, setting the scene and bringing ancient Egypt to life in ultra-high resolution 4K 3D immersive media before visitors entered the second part of the exhibition where they could get up close and personal with artefacts from the time and the actual cartonnage coffin containing the mummy.

Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb which toured around the world including venues in Virginia, Brisbane, Mumbai and Singapore, accompanied and supported technically by our team every step of the way.

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