Flying Aces designed in RideView

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the first Ferrari branded and largest indoor theme park, utilised RideView™ to create its record breaking coaster experience Flying Aces.

This allowed the design team, led by Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, to see things from a completely new perspective, stepping inside the experience using virtual reality.

This unique visualisation and simulation process takes place in our VR CAVE environment, a five sided holographic-effect room where all sides feature 3D volumetric projection with full head-tracking and interaction. The design can be virtually reviewed at every stage in a 1:1 scale, real-time environment, allowing the client, stakeholders and different project teams the ability to review all aspects of the ride design and programme. This includes its relationship to the installation site, building and facilities, including all compliance requirements and most importantly the actual ride experience. All can be optimised as if in the real world, well in advance of the complex on-site installation.

“RideView™ is a revelation to the design and review process, allowing us to explore and solve design challenges through to the complex on-site integration planning much earlier in the project cycle and in a way you never could with standard CAD drawings and 2D visual renderings. This acceleration and increased richness of the development process increases the engagement of the whole project team, mitigating risk throughout the review process by identifying potential issues that ordinarily would only have been found once the site build began. This saves time and expense; both critical factors in any project of this type.”
George Walker, Creative Director at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi explains

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