Flying Aces Pre-show

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

We created a pre-show for the iconic Flying Aces; the world’s steepest steel rollercoaster with the fastest inclined cable lift ever created and the world’s tallest loop standing at 52 metres.

With such high anticipation ahead of riding the pre-show needed to create an exciting journey for guests and immerse them into the story of the Cavallino Rampante’s birth, while establishing an emotional connection with the legendary car brand.

Our Holovis Media and the Holovis AV division were brought on board to create, design and integrate all the complex projection systems and spatial audio with the purpose-designed media for a pre-show that compellingly tells the Flying Aces story ahead of the adrenaline-fuelled experience.

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“The creative team at Holovis gave what I like to call all-things-magical to the project. They animated wonder into the sunset sky mural with amazing planes that fill the horizon, breathed life into the faces of scenic figures, populated the environment with holographic characters, layered the scenes with environmental audio illusions, and then underscored the whole thing with a brilliant, cinematic orchestral score. Holovis played an integral role in the story-telling component of this attraction, right down to the comically clever safety film that plays in the briefing room just before guest’s board.”
George Walker, Creative Director

The pre-show area is themed as a WW1 Italian airfield with a striking 100 square meter Sky Mural as its centrepiece. The projection mapping brings to life a ‘moving painting’ depicting the skyline through which the Flying Aces’ squadron flies, creating an immersive, ground-shaking experience as planes swoop through the space from all directions.

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