Harbin Lesong Plaza

Harbin Lesong Plaza co ltd, the largest shopping and leisure complex in the Heilongjiang province of China, has created a dedicated family attractions zone on the third floor of the building featuring a flagship 12 seat interactive Immersive Theatre experience from Holovis.

We designed and built this to Harbin Lesong Plaza’s unique specification, with a 180° screen that wraps the audience in the media, surrounding their peripheral vision to immerse them in the game. Interactivity was delivered via our InterAct™ proprietary technology platform that enables a highly accurate, easy to use interactive experience for seamless player integration.

In a first for Immersive Theatres, the players are able to select the game that they participate in with a live vote using the interactive devices at the beginning. The two game options, taken from the Holovis DomeRider™ Series are Jungle Crisis and The Lost Cove.

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