JLR Visualisation

We worked with Jaguar Land Rover to create a three phase virtual reality experience at its Warwickshire HQ forming a core part of the design, engineering, simulation, testing and training process.

The design analysis begins in a virtual reality CAVE environment with five rear-projected sides that show 3D volumetric, real-time data. Wearing head tracking devices and wireless input technology, designers and engineers are fully immersed into a 1:1 scale model and can interact naturally with true perspective.

This is utilised to view new product designs through to virtual testing and simulation with enhanced accuracy, speed and time when compared to just using CAD drawings or physical prototypes. The experience of the new vehicle on the road can also be reviewed as if real, calibrating the viewpoint to be from any seat and to various specifications, from the driver to children and adult passengers.

To present latest products and innovations to larger audiences, a 6m wide ApolloWall is used, enabling a highly immersive 3D theatre experience. This aids discussion and groups can be walked through data sets, examining them during different phases of the design process.

The JLR Ergonomics laboratory utilises three projectors to create an immersive space where the specifications of new models are calculated and engineers can complete virtual ergonomic evaluation and training well before physical prototypes are tested in the field.

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