Mystic Timbers Pre-Show

Since unveiling the plans for the Mystic Timbers attraction at Cedar Fair’s Kings Island, park and coaster fan sites have been overflowing with speculations about ‘What’s In The Shed’? Before discovering, guests first pass through a queue line preshow giving them the chance to delve deeper into the story and speculate over why the Lumber Mill, which is the setting of this attraction, was suddenly abandoned in 1983.

We show produced the entire multisensory attraction experience, from the intricate backstory that begins in the queue line through to what is in the shed, brought to life through media, complex AV, lighting and scenic design.

Mystic Timbers is a unique project for Kings Island as it combines a great coaster with immersive storytelling. From the time you enter the queue line you are immersed in the back story of the Miami River Lumber Company and start to notice that some elements seem stuck in time. From the abandoned crashed truck for example there is a radio show playing that sounds like it is from the 80s.

Guests then reach the Guard Shack to find it empty but see from the security footage as they get closer to boarding that they are out chasing interlopers that have managed to get onto the site. The messages get more frantic then once guests are on the coaster, they are on the truck and become a part of the story, travelling though the wooden terrain and into the forbidden shed creating a total experience from start to finish.”

This project has been incredibly exciting to be a part of because together with the Cedar Fair and Kings Island team, we have set an industry trend for rollercoasters going forward. We have made compelling and immersive storytelling as integral a part of the experience as the coaster itself.

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