Mythos Adventurer Land

A new generation of Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) has opened in the heart of Shanghai, China, created by yours truly for Shanghai Liuyu Investment Company Ltd.

Located in the iconic People’s Square D-Mall, Mythos Adventurer Land presents visitors and shoppers with a thrilling array of immersive and interactive experiences, focusing on media and motion-based simulation games in immersive 2D and 3D.

All the solutions we create are scalable so the systems here for up to 16 people can also be found in theme parks across the world as flagship attraction experiences.

The 3D attractions installed in the FEC include a Holovis Mini ImmersiveTunnel; a 12-person experience with motion seats surrounded by a 180° curved screen and an ultra-high-resolution 3D immersive film. A two person MotionDome presents the combination of 360° visuals perfectly synched with organic motion. For a compelling virtual reality (VR) driving experience, four Holovis driving rigs are set up with motion bases and HMD VR headset devices to place guests into a true 1:1 scale intense and highly accurate motorsport alternative reality.

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Games from the Holovis Dome Rider series including The Lost Cove, Jungle Crisis and AracnoCrisis feature, designed in real-time to provide a different experience each time, depending on the paths riders choose to take. This ensures increased rider repeatability.

The process was different right from the start with the designs taking place in virtual reality utilising Holovis’s proprietary software suite RideView™.