Near Miss Simulator

We have taken our flagship immersive CAVE system, a well-established method for bringing complex data sets to life in 1:1 scale with real-time volumetric 3D projection, and utilised it to create a training environment that could save lives.

Within industries that have staff working in high-risk situations we are using VR to create ‘Near-Miss’ Simulators. These have been specifically developed to recreate realistic, high-risk working environments that completely immerse the operator in a virtual tailored working scenario.

Once the users are immersed and engaged in the training scenarios, the environments are so believable that the reactions are truly extraordinary. It certainly delivers a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry!

The primary purpose is to effectively train staff in best practice methodology while inducing actual feelings and behavioural triggers of impending jeopardy in unsafe conditions. These highly involved, compelling learning environments quickly reinforce Health and Safety routines, improving muscle memory and increased information retention.

VR is becoming a crucial tool for this style of teaching as the environment needs to be intensely immersive and multisensory, to the extent the user believes and engages in what is happening around them, even directly to them, enhanced with actual, real-world motions and special effects (SFX). It is the only way of dramatically teaching the consequences of unsafe working methods without the attendant risks.

In recent tests this new form of learning out performed traditional classroom based training and book learning on every level. All in a perfectly safe, risk free, simulated environment.

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