Raising the bar with Panem Aerial Tour

As the highly anticipated LIONSGATE zone opens at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, so too does our second Immersive Tunnel featuring the world’s first attractions inspired by the blockbuster movie franchise “The Hunger Games”.

Our new design takes the traditional immersive tunnel to a whole new level by enhancing multisensory experiences through unique and complex AV configuration. Guests will feel they are truly at the heart of the story as they board the Panem Aerial Tour and fly over the different districts and try to escape the plot to capture them by the Capitol.

The attraction features a dual set up with two 30-seat motion systems. Two 6.2 metre x 24 metre screens curve on both axis to envelope the ride vehicle and audience sightlines. Nine Digital Projection HighLite laser-based projectors were chosen to create stunning 3D images. These are mounted on our bespoke  OptiRig system with a mechanical lift, allowing simple installation and ongoing maintenance in a physically restricted space.

We also developed PixControl, a proprietary auto alignment solution that automates alignment across the complex curved screen surface. This seamlessly integrates into the show control system to ensure operators can confirm pixel perfect alignment every day without extensive software or hardware experience. This solution means every guest now gets the perfect experience with optimum sightlines, regardless of seat position or height.

Audio immersion is created with our HiFiniti 7:2 surround solution that delivers uncompressed spatial audio. Crossfades between multiple asynchronous audio tracks have also been programmed to give smooth transitions between scenes and triggers.

Multiple SFX systems and motion control technology, perfectly synchronised with the media, complete this amazing experience.