See you in the TFWA Digital Village

We’re going to be exhibiting in the newly created Digital Village at TFWA, the duty free and travel retail global summit from 4th – 6th October.

So by way of introduction, here’s what you need to know about us if you’re:

A brand or agency

We’ll be showing how we use emerging technologies to bring products and brands to life, making experiences in-store, on screen and at live events memorable. From Virtual reality voyages to Augmented Reality rushes that ensure products pop off the shelves and compelling content for digital platforms that immerse people into an aspired lifestyle.

A travel operator

We help design and visualise spaces using Virtual Reality. This allows design teams, brand clients and stakeholders to explore their store layout in 1:1 scale, making amends in the virtual world as they go. We then specify and install the complete AV solution, giving you one point of contact for the whole project.

Looking for new entertainment

From our experience in the attraction industry we’ll also be highlighting new forms of entertainment such as Family Entertainment Centres (FEC) and next generation planetarium projection dome shows. These take the same media and motion based immersive and interactive attractions solutions that we install into world leading theme parks and scale them down into smaller player experiences.

Ready to take over the world….

We help brands create lifelong connections with their audiences by linking all our activation elements into our proprietary Extended Experience app solution. We create the bespoke app that people download for the initial brand engagement and they are then captivated by the world it opens up, providing you with a direct marketing link and a wealth of behaviour data to inform future campaigns.

So if you’re looking to capture the imagination of audiences and make meaningful connections or harness this power of VR design to make their spaces more appealing to brands, we’re ready for you!