What We Do


We are a turnkey service provider of multisensory training and simulation platforms.

The solutions we create immerse the user into 360-degree data sets with surround audio, perfectly synched visuals and interactivity, allowing them to train in highly realistic and responsive environments.

We develop and deploy emerging technologies, including Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality multisensory systems where we apply our innovative research to solving the most demanding customer challenges.

By taking large real-world data sets and recreating them in a virtual world we can deliver solutions that will meet the most exacting use-case requirements. We obsess about meeting the exact technical specifications, right first time and within budget.


Our Solutions


Training Simulation

We have developed a proprietary software suite called LearnView that translates training materials from CAD and other 2D formats and presents them as a fully immersive and interactive mixed reality data set. This allows people to safely train in group environments, without requiring access to sought after equipment and tools.

Flight Simulators

We create optical test systems to accurately simulate 24 hour light conditions, creating a realistic application suite for pilots. Our robust solutions ensure perfect synchronisation of the Image Generation media coupled with simulated dynamic motion, effectively creating feelings of spatial disorientation and compliant G Force conditions.

Projection Domes & Curved Screen Displays

Our scalable solutions make these accessible for almost any application, including; vehicle simulators, air traffic control and JTAC applications. We can design and build full domes where the user is immersed in 360-degree visuals, half domes and customer specific curved screens. Engaging a person’s peripheral vision is a critical factor in building a realistic, intense, immersive experience.

Projector Upgrades

We can efficiently retrofit older simulators with new laser phosphor, LED and the latest lamp projection technologies. We can achieve this with simple modification to existing structures and frames, resulting in less cabling, reduced overall maintenance and increased robustness including eliminating lens shifting.


Recent Projects

JALO Training Solution Itec

Holovis presents newly accredited JALO training solution at ITEC

Holovis is unveiling a new four metre dome training environment, accredited by the UK Joint Air Land Organisation (JALO) at ITEC, taking place from 15th – 17th May at the Stuttgart Messe.

BAE Systems


Virtual reality plays a key part in the BAE Systems new Aerospace Academy to provide training for apprentices and graduates, as well as further education and development for long term employees.

Near Miss Simulator


We have taken our flagship immersive CAVE system, a well-established method for bringing complex data sets to life in 1:1 scale with real-time volumetric 3D projection, and utilised it to create a training environment that could save lives.




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Our people design and deliver memorable cost effective solutions including using highly specialised multi-channel displays, 2D and 3D theatre set ups, spatial audio systems, portable and permanent installed Dome Theatres, and fully immersive 3D virtual reality experiences.

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