The Battle For Kings Dominion has begun


Kings Dominion theme park in Virginia has launched The Battle for Kings Dominion, the latest of our Extended Experience app solutions developed with Cedar Fair.  Building on the success of the award winning Battle for Cedar Point, we have created a next generation app with more ways to play, intensified competition and increased personalisation.

Christian Dieckmann, Corporate Vice President of Strategic Growth at Cedar Fair, parent company of Kings Dominion and its sister park, Cedar Point comments:

“We learned a lot from the launch last year. Guests really engaged with the game but wanted more to do in the queue lines, more dynamic gameplay and more customization.  We listened and are excited to introduce the enhanced version this year at both parks that directly addresses and delivers upon this feedback.”

The Battle For Kings Dominion gamifies activities that guests are already doing, giving them points for riding coasters, the vertical miles traveled and the number of inversions. Traditionally passive experiences such as waiting in a queue line, seeking refreshments and even physical merchandise are transformed with Augmented Reality, from interactive mini games to hidden elements to discover, which can then be shared on social media.

The story begins by five of the park’s flagship attractions each transformed into a character with their own personalities and narratives: Dominator, Flight of Fear, Intimidator® 305, Avalanche and Volcano.  Each alliance has its own unique character avatar and a custom battle shield and after choosing their allegiance, guests compete against each other in an attempt to defeat the other alliances for dominance of the park throughout the day.

The app features increased personalisation with each player able to create their own avatar, earning virtual gold on the battle field to trade for even more design options. These can be customized and leveled-up over time as progress is made throughout the day and across multiple visits to the park.

We see Extended Experiences are the future of entertainment, where every element is connected together allowing guests to discover hidden narratives and gamify what are traditionally passive moments. One thing we noticed is that people are still interacting with the app when they get home so we’ve built more features in so the game play can continue as they prepare for their next visit. From waiting in a queue line to having refreshments and even within purchased merchandise, everything now becomes a chance to connect with other members of the park or share the moments with your wider community on social media.

This Extended Experience has been created by the Holovis Media team of character and concept artists, animation experts, audio engineers, graphic designers and coders working closely with Kings Dominion to bring the whole thing together. Take a look at the Making Of The Battle For Kings Dominion here.